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According to Brendan Wood Poll: Canadian Oil Sands Shareholders Aligned With Suncor Bid

December 11th, 2015 by TopGun Press

Brendan Wood International
Toronto, Canada
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December 11th, 2015


According to Brendan Wood Poll: Canadian Oil Sands Shareholders Aligned With Suncor Bid 

In Brendan Wood’s ongoing poll sixty percent of Canadian Oil Sands’ institutional shareholders report favoring the Suncor offer. Mr. Seymour Schulich, an outspoken individual investor, is treated as an institutional investor in the poll due to the size of his holdings. Mr. Schulich has been against the Suncor bid in public statements.

In early polling the retail community is somewhat more in favor, however last week some of the larger retail holders were being advised to hold out for a better price.

“As of Monday the retail vote looked like up to 76% in favor of Suncor, but it’s a little too early to call. The retail holdings are not only in the majority but also diversely held. A conclusive result depends upon a cross alignment of number of investors and voting weight. Holders’ views are moving around a little depending upon the advice they are getting. The change in the oil price makes this an interesting poll to call. One issue that shareholders are almost unanimously agreed upon is their view of Canadian Oil Sands’ management and board, the confidence ratings are amongst the lowest in the sector and have been for years,” said Jordan Novak, Managing Director, Brendan Wood International.

The poll continues and will be updated next week.

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