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Brendan Wood Announces 2012 TopGun Analysts Covering Canadian Equities

October 25th, 2012 by TopGun Press

TORONTO, ON, October 25th, 2012 (TopGun Press) – Brendan Wood International announced the results of its 33rd annual compilation of domestic and international investor views on TopGun Analysts covering Canadian Equities. During personal interviews, TopGuns were selected by their counterparties namely, BWI’s Panel of Institutional Investors. Over 75% of the Canadian TopGun Investment Minds participated in the Panel this year. The Panel evaluated 457 analysts they ‘vote to pay’ and why across 28 sectors. TopGun Analysts are those ranking in the top three of their respective sectors. The most common differentiators of TopGun Analysts included:

  • In-depth and Detailed Analysis
  • Breadth/Depth of Industry Knowledge
  • Good Stock Picking Ability
  • Depth of Knowledge on Specific Companies
  • Industry Experience
  • Client and Management Contacts/Networking Ability
  • Independent Thinking (Challenges Orthodoxy)

“For the fourth straight year, Canadian secondary commissions shrunk, this year down 23.5% and underwriting fees dropped by 30.7%, putting pressure on the profitability of the equity business. This combined with declining amounts of commission dollars being allocated for research make TopGun coverage all that more important. Although TopGun Analysts comprise less than 19% of the analyst population covering Canadian stocks they generate over 50% of commissions allocated for research,” said Stewart Borden, Partner, Brendan Wood International.

2012 Investors’ Choice TopGun Analysts Covering Canadian Equities and Teams by Sector:

Sector #1 TopGun Analyst #2 TopGun Analyst #3 TopGun Analyst #1Team
Agriculture, Chemicals, Fertilizers Jacob Bout (CIBC) Ben Isaacson (SCO) Keith Carpenter (CG) CIBC
Alternative Energy Rupert Merer (NBF) Matthew Akman (SCO) Ben Isaacson (SCO) SCO
Banks Mario Mendonca (CG) Andre-Philippe Hardy (RBC) Robert Sedran (CIBC) CG
Base Metals & Minerals Greg Barnes (TD) H. Fraser Phillips (RBC) Alec Kodatsky (CIBC) TD
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Doug Miehm (RBC) Lennox Gibbs (TD) Neil Maruoka (CG) RBC
Consumer Products & Merchandising Perry Caicco (CIBC) Michael Van Aelst (TD) Irene Nattel (RBC) CIBC
Diversified Financials John Reucassel (BMO) Geoff Kwan (RBC) Paul Holden (CIBC) RBC
High Tech (Comm Equip., Semiconductors, Software, Other) Gus Papageorgiou (SCO) Richard Tse (COR) Michael Urlocker (GMP) SCO
Industrial Products Ben Cherniavsky (RJ) Bert Powell (BMO) Peter Sklar (BMO) BMO
Insurance Mario Mendonca (CG) Tom MacKinnon (BMO), Andre-Philippe Hardy (RBC)   CG
Media (Printing, Publishing, Broadcasting, Advertising & Entertainment) Adam Shine (NBF) Drew McReynolds (RBC) Scott Cuthbertson* (TD) TD
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Jeff Fetterly** (CIBC) Andrew Bradford (RJ) Kevin Lo (FE) CIBC
Oil & Gas – High-Payout Jeremy Kaliel (CIBC), Roger Serin (TD)   Patrick Bryden (SCO) TD
Oil & Gas – Large Cap Randy Ollenberger (BMO) Andrew Potter (CIBC) Greg Pardy (RBC) BMO
Oil & Gas – Small/Mid Cap Jason Bouvier (SCO) William Lee (SCO) Adam Twa (PET) SCO
Precious Metals & Diamonds – Large Cap Barry Cooper (CIBC) Tanya Jakusconek (SCO) Michael Jalonen (BAML) CIBC
Precious Metals & Diamonds – Small/Mid Cap Steven Green (TD) Andrew Kaip (BMO) Ron Stewart (DUN) TD
Pulp, Paper & Forest Products Daryl Swetlishoff (RJ) Paul Quinn (RBC) Sean Steuart (TD) RJ
Real Estate, REITS & Hospitalities Neil Downey (RBC) Alex Avery (CIBC) Karine MacIndoe (BMO) RBC
Telecommunications & Wireless Vince Valentini (TD) Dvai Ghose (CG) Glen Campbell (BAML) TD
Transportation Walter Spracklin (RBC) Fadi Chamoun (BMO) David Newman (COR) RBC
Utilities Matthew Akman (SCO) Robert Kwan (RBC) Patrick Kenny (NBF),
Linda Ezergailis (TD) and Carl Kirst (BMO)
Economics Myles Zyblock (RBC) John Aitkens (TD) Avery Shenfeld (CIBC) RBC
Index Analysis Peter Haynes (TD) Andrew Moffatt (SCO)   TD
Portfolio Strategy John Aitkens (TD) Myles Zyblock (RBC) Vincent Delisle (SCO) SCO
Quantitative Analysis Christopher Dutton (TD) Mark Deriet (COR) Peter Gibson (CIBC) TD
SmCap/SpSits Peter Sklar (BMO) Sarah Hughes (COR) Na Liu (SCO) SCO
Technical Analysis Mark Deriet (COR) Mark Steele (BMO) Christopher Dutton (TD) COR
*Analyst has left firm
**Analyst has moved to Peters & Co.

Brendan Wood International also pairs shareholder ratings with those of over 500 deal active companies in Canada. During deal-by-deal debriefs on their investment banking deals, C-Level executives nominate the analyst they most respect and who best message their story. Corporations are connecting analysts with the task of communicating the relevance of their corporate story. Corporate finance mandates are being aligned with dealer firms whose analysts and sales professionals are perceived to be able to make their corporate story relevant to investors. The TopGun analysts are those, when aggregated by sector, who occupy the #1 ranking. SuperLeague Analysts are those who are TopGuns among both investors and corporates.

2012 Corporates’ Choice TopGun Analysts Covering Canadian Equities by Sector:

Sector #1 TopGun Analyst
Agriculture, Chemicals, Fertilizers Christine Healy (SCO)
Alternative Energy Rupert Merer* (NBF)
Consumer Products & Merchandising Irene Nattel* (RBC)
Insurance Tom MacKinnon* (BMO) and Mario Mendonca* (CG)
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Kevin Lo* (FE)
Oil & Gas – High-Payout Kurt Molnar (SN)
Oil & Gas – Large Cap Randy Ollenberger* (BMO)
Oil & Gas – Small/Mid Cap Adam Twa* (PET)
Precious Metals & Diamonds – Large Cap Richard Gray (COR)
Precious Metals & Diamonds – Small/Mid Cap Andrew Mikitchook (GMP)
Pulp, Paper & Forest Products Sean Steuart* (TD)
Real Estate, REITS & Hospitalities Neil Downey* (RBC)
Telecommunications & Wireless Vince Valentini* (TD)
Utilities Matthew Akman* (SCO)
*Denotes SuperLeague Analysts

TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS Learn more about the implications of this worldwide poll by contacting the project leaders. Brendan Wood International is a Performance and Career Advisor assisting both firms and individuals. The firm has conducted more than 1,000 offsites and management strategy sessions for financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Brendan Wood seeks out optimal financial service relationships for corporations and places TopGun executives and investment professionals in senior rainmaker assignments.

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