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Brendan Wood Announces 2012 TopGun Sales Professionals Covering Canadian Equities

November 2nd, 2012 by TopGun Press

TORONTO, ON, November 2nd, 2012 (TopGun Press) – Brendan Wood International announced the results of its 33rd annual compilation of domestic and international investor views on TopGun Sales Professionals covering Canadian Equities. During personal interviews, TopGuns were selected by their counterparties namely, BWI’s Panel of Institutional Investors. Over 75% of the Canadian TopGun Investment Minds participated in the Panel this year. The Panel evaluated 355 Sales Professionals they ‘vote to pay’. The most common differentiators of TopGun Sales Professionals included:

  • Investment Idea Generation
  • Good Stock Picking Ability
  • Understands Clients Mandate/Style
  • Depth of Knowledge on Specific Companies
  • Independent Thinking
  • Client and Management Contacts/Networking Ability/Sets-Up Quality Meetings
  • Breadth/Depth of Industry Knowledge

Although TopGun Sales Professionals comprise less than 7% of the sales professional population covering Canadian stocks they generate over 50% of commissions allocated for sales professionals,” said Stewart Borden, Partner, Brendan Wood International.

2012 Investors’ Choice TopGun Sales Professionals Covering Canadian Equities:

Matthew Sheehan (Scotia Capital)
Steve Larke (Peters & Co.)
Amy Goldbloom (RBC Capital Markets)
Tim Wiggan (TD Newcrest)
Nathan Normandin (BMO Capital Markets)
David Ricciardelli (Bank of America Merrill Lynch)
Gonzalo Escoto (Scotia Capital)
Derek Wheatley (Scotia Capital)
Shawn Aspden (GMP Securities)
Adam Robertson (TD Securities)
Chris Roy (Cormark Securities)
Jerrold Annett (Scotia Capital)
Lori Easterbrook (BMO Capital Markets)
Karl Fortin (Scotia Capital)
Jhad Friesen (CIBC World Markets)
Kyle MacGregor (BMO Capital Markets)
Aine O’Flynn (BMO Capital Markets)
Lara Zink (RBC Capital Markets)
Michael Foley (CIBC World Markets)
Steven Kelly (CIBC World Markets)
Bannon Kopko (Scotia Capital)
Ryan Males (CIBC World Markets)
Ed Podivinsky (RBC Capital Markets)
Bruce Shaw (TD Securities)
Karin Treiberg (BMO Capital Markets)
Bernie Allion (RBC Capital Markets)

Brendan Wood International also pairs shareholder ratings with those of over 500 deal active companies in Canada. During deal-by-deal debriefs on their investment banking deals, C-Level executives nominate the sales professional they most respect, who best message their story and align the corporation with the right shareholders. Corporations are connecting sales professionals with the task of communicating the relevance of their corporate story. Corporate finance mandates are being aligned with dealer firms whose analysts and sales professionals are perceived to be able to make their corporate story relevant to investors. SuperLeague Sales Professionals are those who are TopGuns among both investors and corporates.

2012 Corporates’ Choice TopGun Sales Professionals Covering Canadian Equities by Sector:

Canada Energy & Power:

Steve Larke* (Peters & Co.)
Nathan Normandin* (BMO Capital Markets)
Derek Wheatley* (Scotia Capital)
Trent Boehm (FirstEnergy Capital)
Ron Wigham (Peters & Co.)
Kevin Overstrom (GMP Securities)
Mark Christensen (GMP Securities)
Shant Madian (National Bank Financial)
Jessica Butt (Macquarie Bank)
Steve Buytels (Dundee Securities)

Canada Precious Metals and Mining:

Greg Huffman (Scotia Capital)
Peter Rockandel (GMP Securities)
Roger Poirier (Cormark Securities)
Jerrod Annett* (Scotia Capital)
Robert Lee (RBC Capital Markets)
Robert Carmosino (Canaccord Genuity)
Shane Duff (TD Securities)
Gordon Fernandes (Stonecap Securities)
Michael Horowitz (Cormark Securities)
Graham Saunders (Canaccord Genuity)

*Denotes SuperLeague Sales Professionals

TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS Learn more about the implications of this worldwide poll by contacting the project leaders. Brendan Wood International is a Performance and Career Advisor assisting both firms and individuals. The firm has conducted more than 1,000 offsites and management strategy sessions for financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Brendan Wood seeks out optimal financial service relationships for corporations and places TopGun executives and investment professionals in senior rainmaker assignments.

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Stewart Borden
Partner, Brendan Wood International
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