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Brendan Wood International Announces Best Investment Minds in Global Poll

April 11th, 2011 by TopGun Press

TopGun Investment Minds – Real Estate & REITS – Who Do You Trust?

PALM BEACH, FL, April 11, 2011 (TOPGUN PRESS) Performance advisory firm Brendan Wood International finished off their global search for the TopGun Investment Minds today, announcing the TopGuns in Real Estate and REITS. This purportedly conservative sector just delivered returns of 25% two years, back to back. In this environment, many stood out but a select few were able to prevail as the best investment minds in the business.

Real Estate Investment Trusts have made a dent in the traditions of the investment business. Not so long ago, real estate investments were managed inside the investor’s tent. Now they are widely outsourced to independent specialists who do nothing but real estate investing. REITs are generally transparent to their investors, pay a quarterly return, and participate in sector investment opportunities.

Professional investors who focus on this sector are now prone to make arms length investments in the professional management teams who are running competitive real estate funds. In many instances investment decisions have become “people bets”; an investment manager making a serious bet on another investment manager. Most TopGun sell side analysts are experientially aware that these decisions are as tough as they come. Today’s TopGun Real Estate Investment Minds have to have a host of analytical and intuitive real estate investment expertise. They see through portfolios and have a keen sense of what the existing portfolio assets are likely to value at over time. They also understand how to evaluate the ‘investment judgment’ of the REITs team and value the strategy and quality underpinning their portfolios. The pressure is on the investor to make REITs bets which fuse intuitive expertise with high quality analysis of hard assets and the markets those assets will address.

A REIT investment is also an investment in a corporate culture which is challenging to analyze and predict. The REIT organization presents another level of intangibles into an already difficult investment analysis. It often looks like one REIT is much like another as the business models replicate, but the shrewd investor knows the differences which accentuate returns. No mean feat. The TopGun Investment Minds win their accolades from the sell side analysts in this sector for their ability to quantify the intangibles in a game that may look like “bricks and mortar” but presents a human element which is more elusive than most.

The TopGun US Real Estate Investment Minds are:

Prashant Tewari; AllianceBernstein
Samuel Wald; Fidelity Investments
Steven Buller; Fidelity Investments
Ted Bigman; Morgan Stanley Asset Management
Jay Rosenberg; Nuveen Investments
David Lee; T Rowe Price Group
John Vojticek; RREEF
Eric Rothman; Urdang Securities Management

The TopGun European Real Estate Investment Minds are:

Jan Willem Vis; BNP Paribas Investment Partners, Netherlands
Guy Barnard; Henderson Global Investors, United Kingdom
Gerwin Holland; PGGM-NV, Netherlands

The TopGun Canadian Real Estate Investment Minds are:

Kevin Hall; Guardian Capital
Dennis Mitchell; Sentry Investments

TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS Learn more about the implications of this worldwide search by contacting the project leaders. Brendan Wood International is a Performance and Career Advisor assisting both firms and individuals. The firm has conducted more than 1,000 offsites and management strategy sessions for financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Brendan Wood seeks out optimal financial service relationships for corporations and places TopGun executives and investment professionals in senior rainmaker assignments.

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