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Brendan Wood International Announces The Results of Its Search For The Best Investment Minds in Worldwide Metals and Mining

March 18th, 2011 by TopGun Press

Brendan Wood International Announces Best Investment Minds in Global Poll

PALM BEACH, FL, March 17, 2011 (TOPGUN PRESS) More than 600 leading sell side analysts cast their ballots for TopGun Investment Minds in this year’s worldwide search for the best of the best. The selection of TopGuns in Mining was a particularly demanding task due to the large number of asset managers performing well in this ebullient sector. The ranks are replete with portfolio managers who are outperforming their counterparts in this busy mining cycle. However, analysts in the panel confronted a different question in choosing the best this year. Namely who, in their view will endure, prevail and outperform in the longer term Metals and Mining market.

Opportunistic investing in the sector is rampant, which can make a lot of investors look very good, and this was a frequent theme in the commentary of TopGun sell side analysts. The Brendan Wood Panel recorded a very high level of consensus in the Metals and Mining nominations, citing experience, depth of knowledge, worldwide view, exceptional investment judgment and insight into management groups and strategies as their principal criteria.

A key overriding issue in the mind of the Metals and Mining investment community this season is the issue of risk. “Seasoned veterans and those with steady judgment had the edge in votes. We kept hearing the risk theme all over the world. TopGuns this year are diverse, but the perceived common trait is the ability of this group to see through companies and markets with a global perspective. Analysts are saying these TopGuns understand risk in this industry and recognize those managements who do best at taking risk out of the game,” said Brendan Wood International Chairman, Brendan Wood.

“Another trait that analysts picked up on this year is the ability of TopGun Investors to analyze and select investment banking deals, as well as investment bankers really well. The results pointed to a lot of close relationships between outstanding bankers, who have a greater choice in the companies they bank and TopGun Investors,” commented Brendan Wood International Managing Director, Johann Rodrigues.

The TopGun US Metals and Mining Investment Minds are:

Chris Maludzinski; Fidelity Investments
Joe Wickwire; Fidelity Investments
Stephen Land; Franklin Templeton Investments
Gavin Markus; SAC Capital Advisors
Douglas Groh; Tocqueville Asset Management
Mark Johnson; USAA Investment Management
Ralph Aldis; US Global Investors
Frank Holmes; US Global Investors
Joe Foster; Van Eck Associates
Mike Bradshaw; Wells Capital Management
John O’Toole; Wellington Management Co

The TopGun European Metals & Mining Investment Minds are:

Evy Hambro; BlackRock Inc, United Kingdom
Matthew Lanstone; Capital Group Companies, United Kingdom
Douglas Upton; Capital Group Companies, United Kingdom
David Field; Carmignac Gestion, France
Carl Esprey; GLG Partners LP, United Kingdom
Tama Willis; Fidelity Investments, United Kingdom
Stuart Connell; JP Morgan Asset Management, United Kingdom
Ian Henderson; JP Morgan Asset Management, United Kingdom
Mark Roggensinger; UBS, Switzerland

The TopGun Canadian Metals & Mining Investment Minds are:

Margot Naudie; CPP Investment Board
Robert Cohen; Goodman & Company Investment Counsel
Chris Beer; RBC Asset Management
Brahm Spilfogel; RBC Asset Management
Kevin MacLean; Sentry Investments
Jamie Horvat; Sprott Asset Management
Charles Oliver; Sprott Asset Management

TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS Learn more about the implications of this worldwide search by contacting the project leaders. Brendan Wood International is a Performance and Career Advisor assisting both firms and individuals. The firm has conducted more than 1,000 offsites and management strategy sessions for financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Brendan Wood seeks out optimal financial service relationships for corporations and places TopGun executives and investment professionals in senior rainmaker assignments.

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