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Brendan Wood International Investor Conviction Intel – Oil & Gas

May 30th, 2023 by TopGun Press

Brendan Wood International Investor Conviction Intel – Oil & Gas

New York, NY, May 30th, 2023 (TopGun Press)

Below are the most in-demand Oil & Gas Stocks based on our daily chats with global investors. Below is a link to the Investor Conviction Intel on EXXON Mobil.


EXXON Mobil –  Investors recognize EXXON Mobil’s efforts in improving their disclosure and that progress has been made. Investors look at their asset mix with a lot of confidence, their Guyana asset in particular is extremely desirable to many investors, and in the Permian Basin, potential M&A activity from EXXON Mobil is viewed as a positive by the investment community. (Click Here for Investor Conviction Intel on EXXON Mobil)

TotalEnergies SE –  TotalEnergies SE is viewed by investors as the best of the European giants with a CEO in place that is very committed to shareholders, however, are hamstrung by political pressures from France and the European Union. While the other European energy companies have made seismic shifts away from oil towards renewables, TotalEnergies is viewed by investors as having maintained their core business as much as allowed by the political powers of Europe. Despite the commitment of TotalEnergies SE to their shareholders, investors are concerned that they might not be in full control of their own future as is evident by the sale of their oil sands assets.

EOG Resources –  Although investors have a high degree of confidence in EOG Resources’ management group, these investors want to see a clearer strategy laid out. Investors note that while the company has a track record of executing, recently EOG Resources has seemed to ‘flip-flop’ on what they want to be doing. Investors like a number of their organic exploration projects, they just want to see a sound strategy they are going to stick to long-term.

Tourmaline Oil Corp –  Investor confidence remains very high in Tourmaline Oil Corp despite weakness in the Natural Gas market. Investors like the fact that Tourmaline Oil Corp is diversified in terms of the markets they have exposure to and see this as a significant advantage.

Pioneer Natural Resources –  With Scott Sheffield retiring at year end, investors have some questions around the incoming CEO, Richard Dealy. Investors in the BWI panel attribute the strategy at Pioneer Natural Resources predominately to Scott Sheffield so questions around what it will look like going forward have been raised. Investors are waiting to see what this company will look like with a new leader at the helm.

Largest CEO Confidence Score Changes (Quarter over Quarter) (YE4Q2022 vs. YE1Q2023):
Eni S.p.A. = +5%
Hess Corp = +5%
Occidental Petroleum Corp. = +3%
Crescent Point Energy Corp. = +3%
Marathon Petroleum Corp = +2%
Coterra Energy Inc = -9%
SM Energy Co = -6%
Paramount Resources Ltd = -6%
Ovintiv Inc. = -5%
BP PLC = -5% 

Largest Board Confidence Score Changes (Quarter over Quarter) (YE4Q2022 vs. YE1Q2023):
Hess Corp = +25%
Southwestern Energy Company = +8%
APA Corporation = +6%
Galp Energia = +6%
Denbury Resources Inc = +3%
Ovintiv Inc = -29%
Marathon Oil Corporation = -6%
Devon Energy Corp. = -5%
Advantage Energy Ltd = -3%
Pioneer Natural Resources Company = -3%


Sell-Side Analysts Being Paid for Oil & Gas Coverage from Global Investors:

US Oil & Gas Integrated Sell-Side Analysts:
1. Doug Leggate – Bank of America
2. Neil Mehta – Goldman Sachs
3. Justin Jenkins – Raymond James

US Oil & Gas Exploration Sell-Side Analysts:

1. Neil Mehta – Goldman Sachs
2. Scott Hanold – RBC Capital Markets
3. Arun Jayaram – JP Morgan

Europe Oil & Gas Integrated Sell-Side Analysts:
1. Biraj Borkhataira – RBC Capital Markets
2. Christyan Malek – JP Morgan
3. Martijn Rats – Morgan Stanley

Canadian Oil & Gas Large-Cap Sell-Side Analysts:
1. Greg Pardy – RBC Capital Markets
2. Tyler Reardon – Peters & Co.
3. Randy Ollenberger – BMO Capital Markets

Canadian Oil & Gas Small/Mid-Cap Sell-Side Analysts:
1. Michael Harvey – RBC Capital Markets
2. Aaron Bilkoski – TD Securities
3. Daniel Payne – National Bank Financial

About Brendan Wood International:
Brendan Wood International (BWI), formed in 1970, is a private advisory group which originates performance investigation programs in the capital markets. Brendan Wood Partners debrief large institutional investors worldwide on a daily basis. There are 2000+ live consultations with professionals overseeing +/- $55 trillion invested in the +/- 1400 big cap companies on the BWI Index. Relying on its real time performance intelligence, BWI advises public companies, institutional and activist investors, investment banks and broker dealers on strategy, performance and recruitment of TopGun talent. The firm’s partners have formally presented at 1000+ C level strategy meetings and corporate off-sites in fifty cities. Brendan Wood founded the exclusive TopGun Club, a performance based institution. Brendan Wood International is the exclusive Index Provider to the AXS Brendan Wood TopGun Index ETF (Ticker: TGN)
We wish to emphasize that all reports, evaluations and assessments contained herein, represent Brendan Wood International’s subjective judgment and opinions, based on our years of experience and on information obtained by us in the course of our research. Much of the factual information contained in the reports has been obtained by us from third parties on whose responses we have relied in good faith, independent verification by Brendan Wood International being, under the circumstances, impossible. While we believe that you will find our reports to be an invaluable tool in formulating your own strategies and judgments, the foregoing should be borne in mind. This report is not meant as investment advice and should not be interpreted as advising on the value of a company’s securities, the advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling any company’s securities or any other conclusion relating to investment/divestiture of a company’s securities. Finally, this report is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any company’s securities.

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