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Canada’s TopGun Investment Teams 2013

March 23rd, 2013 by TopGun Press

October 23rd, 2013, Toronto (TopGun Press) – Canada’s TopGun Investment Teams’ leading portfolio managers get tougher on issuers and look worldwide for companies on the move.

In 2013, RBC Global Asset Management stretched its lead as the team with strongest overall TopGun rankings.  In arriving at this year’s results, the Canadian panel considered more than 700 potential nominees, cast 1700 ballots, and selected only 74 TopGun Investment Minds, making it the toughest competition since inception.

TopGun Teams (In Rank Order) Team Leader
RBC Global Asset Management + Phillips Hager & North              Daniel Chornous
Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec                                          Roland Lescure
Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management                              Larry Lunn
CI Investments                                                                                  Eric Bushell
Fiera Capital                                                                                       Jean-Guy Desjardins
GCIC  Oscar Belaiche
Mackenzie Investments                                                                     Tony Elavia
Sentry Investments                                                                            Dennis Mitchell
Pyramis Global Advisors                                                                   Andrew Marchese
Leith Wheeler                                                                                    Bill Dye

No more Mr. Nice Guy! Money managers are getting tougher on Canadian issuers demanding greater sector competitiveness and accountability. The bar has definitely risen in governance and leadership.  Also, long gone is the era of Canada-centric thinking in the domestic investment community. Canadian money managers are sharpening their global sector focus. Borders mean less while the global strategies of investment targets now mean more to savvy Canadian investors exercising a greater global perspective. This trend reduces stalwart domestic investor bases and forces Canadian Corporates into the international arena of prospective shareowners. This year, Canadian issuers cannot fully rely upon familiarity and relationships in local investment circles as they are increasingly rated against global competitors. This trend also means even advertized Canada funds are likely to be closer to the 51% Canadian content requirement with the balance spread across several jurisdictions. The local focus of the Canadian dealer community is beginning to weigh heavily on its relevance to the asset management commission budget. Quite simply Canadian money managers are becoming sophisticated global shoppers and local boutiques focussed on Canada-only stocks are positioned to obtain less allocation in the process.

RBC Global Asset Management leads the pack as rated by their counterparties. In fact, Doug Raymond and Stuart Kedwell earn more TopGun ratings than any of their rivals, and the RBC team leads the street for counterparty approval. Interesting that RBC’s investment bank and capital market’s business span the broadest geography as does the asset management team.

According to the panel, individual portfolio managers continue to make strong personal impressions, however, some investment team cultures clearly stand out for their tendency to accentuate and showcase the talents of their people.

The future of the market opportunity for Canadian issuers is changing at a noticeable pace. In some ways, the recent years of fast-paced resources investment obscured the presence of a long term trend in the Canadian investment psyche toward global investing. Needless to say, the disappearance of Canadian borders was and is an inevitable development in our investment perspective.

Follow The Money!

Much energy tends to follow the money. Canadian investors expect and continue to see many more foreign names in their portfolios. For their part, some Canadian dealers may consolidate to withstand the effects of market shrinkage or merge with more international players but the biggest change on the horizon is likely the increased pressure on Canadian corporations to reach out for international investors.


Stewart Borden, Partner, Brendan Wood International

Jordan Novak, Brendan Wood International

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