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Canadian TopGun Investment Minds 2020

March 12th, 2020 by TopGun Press

For Immediate Release – New York, NY, March 12th, 2020 (TopGun Press)

Canada’s sell-side Panel of Analysts, Sales Executives and Traders have selected their most respected TopGun investment counter parties in trade 2020. The TopGun Panel singles out individual investment professionals as being the most accomplished professionals in the Canadian investment industry.

Nominations this year were obtained in personal interviews/debriefs with 500+ leading professionals on the sell-side. The full debriefs focus on the sell-side view of global investment targets and also the portfolio managers, buy-side analysts and buy-side traders who most adroitly put them through their paces on these names. Collectively, the international nominating Panel represents the majority of banks and broker dealers who deal with Canada’s TopGun investors. The nomination process also strictly limits the number of nominations a respondent can make and filters selections based upon the performance of funds managed by nominated investors.

The TopGun Investment Mind of the Year in Canada, Stuart Kedwell of RBC Global Asset Management, has been designated a TopGun Investment Mind for eleven successive years.

Canadian TopGun Investment Minds 2020
(In alphabetical order by last name):
Platinum Class = Designated TopGun in four successive years

Platinum Class: TopGun Class:
Gary Baker; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management (Platinum Class) Kathryn Alexander; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management
Christopher Beer; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Dominique Barker; CIBC Asset Management
Gabriel Bouchard-Phillips; Van Berkom and Associates (Platinum Class) Carl Chen; Picton Mahoney
Stephane Champagne; CI Investments (Platinum Class) Conrad Dabiet; Manulife Asset Management
Michael Chan; Fiera Capital (Platinum Class) Shanthu David; RBC Global Asset Management
Samba Chunduri; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management (Platinum Class) Brett Dley; Fidelity Investments
Robert Cohen; 1832 Asset Management (Platinum Class) Irene Fernando; RBC Global Asset Management
Greg Dean; CI Investments (Platinum Class) Pierre-Yves Fortin; Intact Investment Management Inc.
Tom Dicker; 1832 Asset Management (Platinum Class) Jean-Mathieu Gareau; Intact Investment Management Inc.
Ryan Elliott; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management (Platinum Class) Ryan Grant; Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management
Dylan Fricker; GWL Investment Management (Platinum Class) Daniel Greenspan; CIBC Asset Management
Benoit Gervais; Mackenzie Investment Management (Platinum Class) Derrick Gut; Jarislowsky Fraser
Jean-Francois Jolicoeur; CDP Capital (Platinum Class) Philip Harrington; BMO Global Asset Management
Zahid Kassam; MFS Investment Management (Platinum Class) Tyler Hewlett; BMO Global Asset Management
Stuart Kedwell; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Mark Holleran; Vestcor Invesment Management
Jason Landau; Waratah Capital Advisors (Platinum Class) Benjamin Jasmin; Intact Investment Management Inc.
Jeannine LiChong; Waratah Capital Advisors (Platinum Class) Jerome Lacombe; Desjardins Global Asset Management
Scott Lysakowski; Phillips, Hager & North Investment Management (Platinum Class) Darren Lekkerkerker; Fidelity Investments
Jennifer McClelland; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Kate MacDonald; CI Investments
Michael McPhillips; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management (Platinum Class) Sean McCurley; RBC Global Asset Management
Marcello Montanari; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Bill McLeod; 1832 Asset Management
Sarah Neilson; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Kevin McSweeney; CI Investments
John Novak; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management (Platinum Class) Jonathan Millman; RBC Global Asset Management
Joe Overdevest; Fidelity Investments (Platinum Class) Jeff Mo; Mawer Investment Management
Vincent Paquet; Intact Investment Management Inc. (Platinum Class) Vitali Mossounov; TD Asset Management
Doug Raymond; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Tommy Nguyen; Desjardins Global Asset Management
Onno Rutten; Mackenzie Investment Management (Platinum Class) Pat Palozzi; Beutel Goodman
Brahm Spilfogel; RBC Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Rob Poole; Picton Mahoney
Nick Szucs; Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel (Platinum Class) Gower Ramesh; Picton Mahoney
David Taylor; BMO Global Asset Management (Platinum Class) Charles Raymond; Desjardins Global Asset Management
Steven Vertes; Connor, Clark & Lunn Investment Management (Platinum Class) Jeffrey Schok; RBC Global Asset Management
Malcolm White; CI Investments (Platinum Class) Louis-Philippe Thibodeau; CDP Capital
David Tron; RBC Global Asset Management
Joshua Varghese; CI Investments
Eugene Vath; Waratah Capital Advisors
Jeremy Yeung; CI Investments

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The vital working tools of a TopGun investor include brainpower, wisdom and intestinal fortitude. However, the list of requisite personal qualities and  professional skills doesn’t stop there. Today’s TopGun investor is under scrutiny for performance short and longer term, little respite for even a well based value investment style to manifest itself over time. Assets move from fund to fund with increasing frequency by a more informed and demanding clientele. The TopGun investor often needs to balance investment style and exercise flexibility in order to maintain out-performance. There are few professions that demand the frequency of decision making challenges, as does equity portfolio management. TopGuns may be sector specialized or generalists, but in either case they need an informed world view on the many variables which define opportunity and risk. There are many checks and balances at work in the mind of a TopGun investor. A strong personality is required to redact to the facts and execute fearlessly.

About Brendan Wood International:

Brendan Wood International (BWI), formed in 1970, is a private partnership generating independent performance audits throughout the world. Relying on real time intelligence, the firm advises public companies, institutional and activist investors, investment banks and broker dealers on strategy, performance and recruitment of TopGun talent. The firm’s partners have formally presented at 1000+ C level strategy meetings and corporate off sites in fifty cities. Brendan Wood founded the exclusive TopGun Club.

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