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Information provided to Brendan Wood International by panelists in our Global Intelligence Network is aggregated for presentation in print or digital reports. Verbatim comments may be presented in such reports without attribution and with all identifying content excised.

These reports contains confidential information that is the property of Brendan Wood International. Such information shall not be copied, excerpted, disclosed to others, or used for any purpose other than that for which it is expressly given, without the prior written permission of Brendan Wood International or its affiliates.

We wish to emphasize that all reports and evaluations and assessments contained therein, represent Brendan Wood International and its affiliates subjective judgments and opinions, based on our years of experience and on information obtained by us from third parties on whose responses we have relied in good faith, independent verification by Brendan Wood International and its affiliates being, under the circumstances, impossible.

While we believe that you will find our reports to be an invaluable tool in formulating your own strategies and judgments, the foregoing should be borne in mind. Under no circumstances should any ratings or evaluations of individuals’ performances in these reports be considered as a sufficient basis for making investment decisions, and decisions concerning the careers of individuals, including such matters as promotions, compensation arrangements, terminations, etc.

These reports are not meant to and should not be interpreted as advising you as to the value of a company’s securities or any other conclusion regarding such company’s securities. There reports are not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any of such company’s securities.

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