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SINGAPORE – Brendan Wood International partnering with SIA and SMU to develop a new corporate governance scorecard

September 11th, 2012 by TopGun Press

SINGAPORE : The Securities Investors Association (Singapore) is partnering Singapore Management University (SMU) and Brendan Wood International to develop a new corporate governance scorecard for Singapore-listed companies. This is to select winners for the annual SIAS Singapore Corporate Governance Award. Up until last year, companies eligible for the award were assessed purely on their compliance with the Singapore Corporate Governance Code.

The new scorecard will now include input from investors. Companies will then be selected based on a competitive two-stage process. The criteria include assessments on corporate strategy, board, CEO leadership and reporting & disclosure. In stage 1, companies will be assessed by SMU based on their Singapore Corporate Governance Index. After being shortlisted, the companies will then be assessed according to the criteria developed by the Brendan Wood International Shareholder Index.

The criteria include five internationally-recognised OECD principles – corporate strategy, board, CEO leadership, CFO and reporting & disclosure. The Brendan Wood International panel comprises of 2000 major institutional shareholders, investment analysts and market intermediaries.

CEOs will also be recognised under the new Brendan Wood’s TopGun CEO Designation Award, to be given out on October 3 this year.

SIAS said companies may now work for these awards if they are aiming for wider credibility and higher valuation. It also hopes that the more stringent criteria will raise the level of investor confidence in Singapore-listed firms. David Gerald, president and CEO of Securities Investors Association (Singapore), said: “We want investors not only from Singapore, but from overseas, from international investors, to look at our companies.  “It gives them greater confidence because they now know that companies are not only complying with corporate governance, they are also receiving the thumbs up from institutional investors besides the retail investors.”

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