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April 5th, 2013 by TopGun Press

Masters of Insight: Brendan Wood Announces Asia’s TopGun Investment Minds

April 4th, 2013 Singapore (TopGun Press) –Brendan Wood announces its annual Asian Based TopGun “Investment Minds”. TopGuns were selected by their counterparties namely,Brendan Wood’s Panel of leading sell-side analysts and TopGun institutional market professionals.

With over 360 candidates nominated for the TopGun designation within the Asian market only 37 achieved the ultimate accolade and appeared in a class of their own, essentially singled out for the quality of their investment thinking which underpins the terminology ‘TopGun Investment Mind’.

The Global “Investment Mind” Panel is comprised of more than 700 of the top sell-side analysts and institutional market professionals at firms representing over 90% of global institutional trading. Debriefings with these individuals are ongoing throughout the year. The confidential ratings assigned to individual investment professionals by the Panel are disciplined to distinguish ‘Best in Class’ according to each Panelist. The number of nominees accepted from each Panelist is strictly limited and TopGun status is awarded on the basis of the frequency of individual nominations. These disciplines establish the objectivity of selection and reinforce the fundamental criterion of respected professionalism in the investment community as a whole.

The 2013 TopGun Investment Minds of Asia are (in alphabetical order by firm):

The platinum class were awarded the most frequent high ratings in the top decile. Gold class designations denote top decile ratings roughly equal to platinum quality but less frequently. Silver class ratings are also based upon quality and frequency within the top decile of the industry.

Platinum Class

Hiang Boon Teo: AIA Singapore Private Limited
William  Fong: Baring Asset Management
Arthur Kwong: BNP Paribas Asset Management
Luke Sullivan: Cohen & Steers
Michael Yu: Harvest Global Investments
Mandy Chan: HSBC Global Asset Management
Lilian Co: LBN Advisers
Anthony Cheung: Pictet Asset Management

The most common themes cited by the Panel which distinguish TopGuns include originality, independent thinking, willingness to buck the trends, knowing the investment space the best, diligent work ethic, being trusted and adding to the knowledge and civility of the investment community at large.

Gold Class

Agnes Deng: Baring Asset Management
Alethea Leung: BlackRock Asset Management
Frankie Lee: Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Elizabeth Pang: JP Morgan Asset Management
Lei Fu: Och-Ziff Capital Management Group
William  Leung: SAC Capital Advisors
Jixin Dai: Soros Fund Management*
Bin Shi: UBS Global Asset Management

This year was yet another tough challenge for asset managers. The markets are more capricious, harder to predict and present greater unknowns. The demand for individual thinking and responsibility has rarely been greater. “These 37 professionals are not the product of good luck or a short term ‘hot hand’, rather they have inspired the entire community and their counterparts with sound thinking,” said Ajay Walia, Managing Director of Brendan Wood Asia. “If I were a CEO of a multi-national or aspiring company inAsia, these are the managers I would want holding my stock,” said Stewart Borden, Partner, Brendan Wood International.

According to Brendan Wood, Chairman, “These are the individual players who set the tone inAsia’s capital markets. Often subtle, discreet and modest, it is their daily dialogue and the questions that these portfolio managers raise which define the performance culture of the industry.”

Silver Class
Milton Low: AEW Global Advisors
Arvind Monie: AllianceBernstein
Charles Wong: AMP Capital Brookfield
Jim Chen: Baring Asset Management
Kai Yang Lee: Baring Asset Management
Warren Howe: Capital Group
Suang Eng Tsan: European Investors
Guillermo de Las Casas: Fidelity Investments
Min Wang: Harvest Global Investments Eric
Debbie Chan: HSBC Global Asset Management
Kadir Lim: Indus Capital Advisors*
Joseph Tang: Invesco Asset Management
Queeny Ho: Nomura Asset Management
Pearlyn Chong: Oaktree Capital Management
Neil MacKay: Prudential Asset Management
Ken Xu: SAC Capital Advisors
Ricky Liew: SAC Capital Advisors
Seok Hooi Teoh: Schroder Investment Mgt
Christopher Yip: T Rowe Price
Eric Moffett: T Rowe Price
Haider Ali: T Rowe Price

*No longer at firm

TO DISCUSS THE RESULTS Learn more about the implications of this worldwide poll by
contacting the project leaders.Brendan WoodInternational is a Performance and Career Advisor
assisting both firms and individuals. The firm has conducted more than 1,000 offsites and
management strategy sessions for financial institutions and corporations worldwide. Brendan
Wood seeks out optimal financial service relationships for corporations and places TopGun
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Managing Director – Global BWI Panel    
Brendan Wood International       
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