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Brendan Wood International Investor Conviction Intel – Technology March 2024

March 1st, 2024 by TopGun Press

New York, NY, March 1st, 2024

Below are some of the most topical Technology Stocks on the BWI Shareholder Confidence Index based on our daily chats with global investors. If you would like more detailed shareholder conviction intelligence on Global Technology companies, please contact Gordon Peck or Youssef Ahmed.


Apple: Apple’s Ownership Penetration and Investor Conviction has declined the past few quarters and so far in 1Q in their Strategy, Management, Long Term Growth and Momentum is softening. Investors don’t see how Apple will generate the same growth as they have historically, because investors are not excited about future products such as their new Vision Pro. Investors have also highlighted that Apple is not an AI beneficiary unlike some of their other ‘Magnificent 7′ peers.

Amazon: Investor Commitment to Own Amazon has risen thus far in 1Q. Investor confidence in Amazon’s Long Term Growth, Senior Management, CFO, Balance Sheet/Capital Allocation and Price Appreciation Potential are rising in 1Q. Investors have confidence in the plan that Amazon has laid out for achieving Long Term Growth and see their advertising business as one in particular that will improve.

Broadcom: Investor Commitment to Own Broadcom continues to increase in 1Q. Broadcom’s CEO, Hock Tan, is rated by investors in the top decile in the Global Technology sector and despite it’s impressive stock performance, investors in the BWI Panel continue to see Price Appreciation Potential.

Nvidia: Nvidia continues to be one of the most topical names for Global institutional investors. So far in 1Q, investor confidence in the Strategy and Near Term Growth remain high. CEO, Jensen Huang, is rated by investors as one of the top 2 CEOs in Technology Globally. Nvidia is coming up against some difficult comps, but investors continue to be just as gushy about them as an AI beneficiary. However, with that said, there is some concern amongst investors regarding what Nvidia’s margins will look like Long Term and most importantly what future demand will be. Investor confidence in Nvidia’s Long Term Growth is lower than in their Short Term Growth.


Largest Shareholder Confidence Index Strategy Score Changes (YE 1Q2024 at February 28th vs. YE 4Q2023):


Broadcom Inc. +12%
Nvidia Corporation +7%
Analog Devices, Inc. +5%
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation -7%
Micron Technology Inc. -7%
Skyworks Solutions Inc -10%

Hardware & Telecommunications Equipment

Celestica +18%
Juniper Networks +13%
Motorola Solutions Inc. +10%
F5 Networks Inc. -3%
American Tower Corporation -5%
Apple Inc. -6%

Software & Services

Five9 Inc. +17%
Fortinent Inc +8%
Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation +7%
Autodesk Inc. -9%
Telus International Inc -9%
Veeva Systems Inc. -9%


Expedia +25%
Snap Inc +9%
Uber Technologies, Inc. +6%
eBay Inc. -7%
GoDaddy Inc. -18% -19%


Brendan Wood International (BWI) serves a dual clientele of world leading investors and their corporate investment targets as well as broker dealers who provide research, sales and trading services to the investment community. Big cap companies looking for comprehensive investor confidence data on their organizations are likely to discover that Brendan Wood partners consult with their investors non stop year round. Investors depend on BWI to quantify the demand side of the investment industry across 1400 names worldwide, including the name by name research sales and trading professionals who influence investor demand.


About Brendan Wood International:
Brendan Wood International (BWI), formed in 1970, is a private advisory group which originates performance investigation programs in the capital markets. Brendan Wood Partners debrief large institutional investors worldwide on a daily basis. There are 2000+ live consultations with professionals overseeing +/- $55 trillion invested in the +/- 1400 big cap companies on the BWI Index. Relying on its real time performance intelligence, BWI advises public companies, institutional and activist investors, investment banks and broker dealers on strategy, performance and recruitment of TopGun talent. The firm’s partners have formally presented at 1000+ C level strategy meetings and corporate off-sites in fifty cities. Brendan Wood founded the exclusive TopGun Club, a performance based institution.


We wish to emphasize that all reports, evaluations and assessments contained herein, represent Brendan Wood International’s subjective judgment and opinions, based on our years of experience and on information obtained by us in the course of our research. Much of the factual information contained in the reports has been obtained by us from third parties on whose responses we have relied in good faith, independent verification by Brendan Wood International being, under the circumstances, impossible. While we believe that you will find our reports to be an invaluable tool in formulating your own strategies and judgments, the foregoing should be borne in mind. This report is not meant as investment advice and should not be interpreted as advising on the value of a company’s securities, the advisability of investing in, purchasing or selling any company’s securities or any other conclusion relating to investment/divestiture of a company’s securities. Finally, this report is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any company’s securities.


Gordon Peck
Managing Director
Brendan Wood International
+1 416 924 8110


Youssef Ahmed
Field Director
Brendan Wood International
+1 416 924 8110

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