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Canada’s TopGun Club – Analysts, Traders & Sales Professionals*

November 19th, 2019 by TopGun Press

Canada’s TopGun Club

Analysts, Traders & Sales Professionals*

Confidential Closed Circuit Communication
November 19th, 2019 (TopGun Press)

Dear Panel Members and Clients,

The Canadian border has been slowly disappearing in recent years, at least as far as the equity investment industry is concerned.

Global sector investing continues its expansion on both sides of the North American border and certainly in Europe. “All Canada” funds are becoming a rarer specie in the investment world. Today’s Canadian stocks are held up in comparison to their peers throughout the global industries in which they compete. Nonetheless, the inclination to see Canada as a unique market seems hard to resist. In fact, virtually all participants in the capital markets exhibit loyalty to a Canadian business culture and community despite the obvious assimilation of global names into Canadian portfolios and vice versa. Although Canada is a vast and diversified land, it has been an intimate financial community for a very long time. “Investors, sell-side professionals and Canadian corporate issuers know each other well, enjoying  the familiarity and warmth of their relationships and mutual patronage. However, the borderless investment trend is irreversible. While big league baseball and basketball have been welcomed, most Canadians of an age are nostalgic about the old smaller and largely Canadian NHL,” said Brendan Wood.

The process of North Americanization has picked up speed lately, along with consolidations in the investment business. Expansion into the US and European markets by Canadian issuers looking for big ticket investors and stronger shareholder franchises is becoming the new normal, according to the Brendan Wood data. “While Canadian culture is distinct and assertive, the future of the investment industry is largely dictated by global fund flows. It is increasingly a global game. There is more than a little nostalgia in our minds when we celebrate TopGuns covering Canadian stocks. Canada’s TopGun Club is headed for expansion, not unlike the old NHL,” says Wood.

*Selected for their outstanding coverage of Canadian Stocks by investors based in Canada, US and Europe over a three year period including 2019.

The TopGun Canadian Equity Research Analysts in Sector:
(Alphabetical Order by Sector):

Sector #1 TopGun Analyst #2 TopGun Analyst #3 TopGun Analyst
Agriculture, Chemicals, Fertilizers Joel Jackson (BMO) Jacob Bout (CIBC) Ben Isaacson (Scotia)
Alternative Energy Rupert Merer (NBF) Ben Pham (BMO) Nelson Ng (RBC)
Banks Mario Mendonca (TD) Sumit Malhotra (Scotia) Darko Mihelic (RBC)
Base Metals & Minerals Orest Wowkodaw (Scotia) Greg Barnes (TD) (See Footnote)
Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare Doug Miehm (RBC) (See Footnote) (See Footnote)
Consumer Products & Merchandising Mark Petrie (CIBC) Michael Van Aelst (TD) Peter Sklar (BMO)
Diversified Financials Geoff Kwan (RBC) Phil Hardie (Scotia) Paul Holden (CIBC)
High Tech (Comm Equip., Semiconductors, Software, Other) Thanos Moschopoulos (BMO) Richard Tse (NBF) Paul Steep (Scotia)
Industrial Products Maxim Sytchev (NBF) Walter Spracklin (RBC) Ben Cherniavsky (RJ)
Insurance Mario Mendonca (TD) Sumit Malhotra (Scotia) Tom MacKinnon (BMO)
Media (Printing, Publishing, Broadcasting, Advertising & Entertainment) Drew McReynolds (RBC) Jeff Fan (Scotia) Tim Casey (BMO)
Oil & Gas Equipment & Services Jeff Fetterly (Peters) Vladislav Vlad (Scotia) Jon Morrison (CIBC)
Oil & Gas – Large Cap Randy Ollenberger (BMO) Greg Pardy (RBC) Jeff Martin (Peters)
Oil & Gas – Small/Mid Cap Ray Kwan (BMO) Patrick Bryden (Scotia) Cindy Luu (Peters)
Precious Metals & Diamonds – Large Cap Tanya Jakusconek (Scotia) Greg Barnes (TD) Andrew Kaip (BMO)
Precious Metals & Diamonds – Small/Mid Cap Trevor Turnbull (Scotia) Ovais Habib (Scotia) Cosmos Chiu (CIBC)
Pulp, Paper & Forest Products Daryl Swetlishoff (RJ) Sean Steuart (TD) Hamir Patel (CIBC)
Real Estate, REITS & Hospitalities Neil Downey (RBC) Mario Saric (Scotia) Pammir Bir (RBC)
Telecommunications & Wireless Jeff Fan (Scotia) Drew McReynolds (RBC) Vince Valentini (TD)
Transportation Walter Spracklin (RBC) Fadi Chamoun (BMO) Kevin Chiang (CIBC)
Utilities Robert Kwan (RBC) Ben Pham (BMO) Robert Hope (Scotia)
Economics Avery Shenfeld (CIBC) Stefane Marion (NBF) John Aitkens (TD)
Index Analysis Mark Steele (BMO) Peter Haynes (TD) Andrew Moffatt (Scotia)
Portfolio Strategy Martin Roberge (CG) Ian de Verteuil (CIBC) Brian Belski (BMO)
Quantitative Analysis Mark Deriet (Cormark) Christopher Dutton (TD) Mark Steele (BMO)
SmCap/SpSits Peter Sklar (BMO) Dimitry Khmelnitsky (Veritas) Stephen MacLeod (BMO)
Technical Analysis Mark Deriet (COR) Tina Normann (Eight) Mark Steele (BMO)
*Footnote: Recent turnover in this sector prohibits TopGun election due to the three year criterion. The 2019 rising stars / TopGun nominees in this sector are published in the BWI 2019 Reports.

Copyright© 2019 All Rights Reserved – Reproduction in any form, strictly prohibited

The Top 10 Canadian Sales Professionals Selling Canadian Equities – Generalists:
(Alphabetical Order by Last Name):

David Beevor – RBC Capital Markets
Frank Cantoni – BMO Capital Markets
Jhad Friesen – CIBC World Markets
Brian Jones – RBC Capital Markets
Steve Kelly – CIBC World Markets
Bannon Kopko – Scotia Capital
Todd Krauser – RBC Capital Markets
Kyle MacGregor – BMO Capital Markets
Ryan Males – CIBC World Markets
Ali Qureshi – CIBC World Markets

Copyright© 2019 All Rights Reserved – Reproduction in any form, strictly prohibited

The Top 6 
Canadian Sales Professionals Selling Canadian Equities – Specialists:
(Alphabetical Order by Last Name):

Paul Lee – Scotia Capital
Grant Moenting – Scotia Capital
Nathan Normandin – BMO Capital Markets
Menal Patel – Peters & Co.
Andrew Thompson – RBC Capital Markets
Bonita To – Scotia Capital

Copyright© 2019 All Rights Reserved – Reproduction in any form, strictly prohibited

The Top 10 Canadian Traders Trading Canadian Equities:
(Alphabetical Order by Last Name):

Ashlim Ameen – RBC Capital Markets
Steven Barnes – RBC Capital Markets
Geoff Darling – Scotia Capital
Chris Finora – TD Securities
Carlo Giarrusso – BMO Capital Markets
David Lower – National Bank Financial
Peter Newell – Scotia Capital
Tom Scheuring – RBC Capital Markets
Chris Stuart – CIBC World Markets
Greg Uchiyama – TD Securities

Copyright© 2019 All Rights Reserved – Reproduction in any form, strictly prohibited

About Brendan Wood International:

Brendan Wood International (BWI), formed in 1970, is a private partnership generating independent confidential performance audits throughout the world. Relying on real time intelligence, the firm advises public companies, institutional and activist investors, investment banks and broker dealers on strategy, performance and recruitment of TopGun talent. The firm’s partners have formally presented at 1000+ C level strategy meetings and corporate off sites in fifty cities. Brendan Wood founded the exclusive TopGun Club.

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