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TopGun Institutional Sales Professionals and Sell-Side Traders Announced by Brendan Wood International

May 25th, 2016 by TopGun Press

Brendan Wood International will be announcing the TopGun Institutional Sales Professionals and Sell-Side Traders for 2016 in the coming months.

Who won in 2015?

For Immediate Release – Toronto, ON, May 25th, 2016 (TopGun Press)

2015 TopGun Sales Professionals and Sell-Side Traders Covering Canadian Equities

Who Selected the TopGuns?

BWI’s global panel includes several hundred portfolio managers, buy-side analysts and traders whose day to day contact with leading institutional sales professionals and sell-side traders leads to their ‘vote to pay’ decision making.

Brendan Wood International also pairs investor and buy-side trader ratings with those of over 500 deal active companies in . During deal-by-deal debriefs on their investment banking deals, C-Level executives nominate the sales professionals who best message their story and align the corporation with the right shareholders, and the traders who best trade their stock and update them on trading flows.

In all there were 937 nominations for Canadian Sales Professionals of whom 49 were the most frequently nominated. Roughly 65% of this elite group were designated TopGuns from previous years. There were 524 nominations for Canadian Traders of whom 40 were the most frequently nominated. Roughly 70% of this elite group were designated TopGuns from previous years.

Why a TopGun Sales Professional or Trader?

Portfolio managers and buy-side analysts cite the provision of relevant ideas, having independent opinions from analysts and understanding their clients’ needs as key differentiators of TopGun Sales Professionals. TopGun Sales Professionals also have strong connections to corporates & management teams, are able to filter out market noise and provide reliable/consistent coverage. Corporations are connecting sales professionals with the task of communicating the relevance of their corporate story. SuperLeague Sales Professionals are those who are TopGuns among both investors and corporates.

Buy-side traders cite reliable execution/follow through on trades, strong market knowledge and protecting clients’ trades as key differentiators of a TopGun Sell-Side Trader. TopGun Traders also understand their clients’ mandate, provide good information, deliver relevant ideas and work hard to build relationships. Corporations are connecting traders with the task of delivering good market intel and helping to move blocks.

TopGun Cultures

Obviously individuals are key to investment cultures but some firms tend to produce more TopGun players. Talent rich RBC Capital Markets and Scotia Capital produced 16 of the 49 TopGun Institutional Sales Professionals. It is no coincidence that RBC Capital Markets and Scotia Capital are the top two sales teams in . RBC Capital Markets also produced 7 of the 40 TopGun Traders.

2015 Investors’ Choice TopGun Sales Professionals Covering Canadian Equities:
Alphabetical Order by Last Name

Bernie Allion – RBC Capital Markets
Maor Amar – BMO Capital Markets (Retired)
Jerrold Annett – Scotia Capital
Jason Beales – Macquarie Bank (Now at GMP Securities)
David Beevor – RBC Capital Markets
Frank Cantoni – BMO Capital Markets
Jeff Carruthers – Raymond James
Jean-Philippe Cousineau – National Bank Financial
Lori Easterbrook – BMO Capital Markets
Gonzalo Escoto – Scotia Capital
Mark Ferguson – TD Securities
Steve Foley – RBC Capital Markets
Jhad Friesen – CIBC World Markets
Amy Goldbloom – RBC Capital Markets
Jonathan Greer – Raymond James
Laura Heuff – BMO Capital Markets
Brian Jones – RBC Capital Markets
Robert Keene – Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Now at JP Morgan)
Steve Kelly – CIBC World Markets
Bannon Kopko – Scotia Capital
Steve Larke – Peters & Co. (Left the Firm)
Paul Lee – Scotia Capital
Kyle MacGregor – BMO Capital Markets
Ryan Males – CIBC World Markets
Sid Malkani – Barclays (Now at Bank of America Merrill Lynch)
Alan Marr – UBS
Anne-Marie Monette – RBC Capital Markets
Jon Muller – CIBC World Markets
Wendy Nichols – Credit Suisse
Nathan Normandin – BMO Capital Markets
Ali Qureshi – CIBC World Markets
Menal Patel – Peters & Co.
Robert Posthumus – CIBC World Markets
David Ricciardelli – Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Now at Macquarie Bank)
Don Ritchie – TD Securities
Adam Robertson – TD Securities
Harrison Schaefer – RBC Capital Markets
Nick Sellmer – RBC Capital Markets
Matthew Sheehan – Scotia Capital
Donna Toth – Scotia Capital (Retired)
Derek Wheatley – Scotia Capital (Now at Tudor Pickering Holt)
Bryce Williams – Peters & Co.
Christine Wong – RBC Capital Markets
Michael Zuk – Macquarie Bank (Left the Firm)

2015 Corporates’ Choice TopGun Sales Professionals Covering Canadian Equities by Sector:

Canada Energy & Power:

Trent Boehm – FirstEnergy Capital
Steve Larke* – Peters & Co. (Left the Firm)
Paul Lee* – Scotia Capital
Ryan Mooney – Dundee Capital Markets
Nathan Normandin* – BMO Capital Markets
John Rathwell – TD Securities
Derek Wheatley* – Scotia Capital – (Now at Tudor Pickering Holt)

Canada Precious Metals and Mining:

Jerrold Annett* – Scotia Capital
Doug Flegg – BMO Capital Markets (Retired)
Chris Kwan – BMO Capital Markets

Canada Generalist:

Kyle MacGregor* – BMO Capital Markets

*Denotes SuperLeague Sales Professionals

2015 TopGun Sell-Side Traders of Canadian Equities as selected by Buy-Side Traders:
Alphabetical Order by Last Name

Ashlim Ameen – RBC Capital Markets
Sebastien Benoit – Dundee Capital Markets
Bevis Bullock – BMO Capital Markets
Joseph Clement – Raymond James
Geoff Darling – Scotia Capital
Giovanni Dattilo – Canaccord Genuity (Now at Dundee Capital Markets)
Ryan Fan – CIBC World Markets
Geoffrey Fell – CIBC World Markets
Chris Finora – TD Securities
Paul Forma – UBS
Robert Giancola – Laurentian Bank Securities
Carlo Giarrusco – BMO Capital Markets
Tom Grant – TD Securities
Ara Guiragossian – Credit Suisse
Philippe Hachey – Scotia Capital
JP Matthews – RBC Capital Markets
John Montelpare – CIBC World Markets
Brian O’Hea – National Bank Financial
Derek Oram – Raymond James
Aaron Plue – Macquarie Bank (Now at PSP Investments)
Mark Popadiuk – RBC Capital Markets
Sean Riley – Scotia Capital (Left the Firm)
Giovanni Romeo – Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Tom Scheuring – RBC Capital Markets
Anthea Stanley – RBC Capital Markets
Tim Stewart – Scotia Capital
Chris Stuart – CIBC World Markets
Godefroy Tessier – BMO Capital Markets
Simon Tremblay – GMP Securities

2015 Corporates’ Choice TopGun Traders of Canadian Equities by Sector:

Canada Energy & Power:

Robert Bastianon – National Bank Financial
David Campbell – GMP Securities (Left the Firm)
Bryan Lopushinsky – FirstEnergy Capital
Paul Mastrodicasa – RBC Capital Markets
Mitchell Molloy – Peters & Co. (Left the Firm)
Bryan Trudel – CIBC World Markets

Canada Precious Metals and Mining:

Dean Lazer – Cormark Securities
Michael Nininger – Macquarie Bank
John Szucs – Macquarie Bank (Left the Firm)

Canada Generalist:

Philip Bolton – RBC Capital Markets
Michael O’Rourke – Scotia Capital
About Brendan Wood International:

Brendan Wood International (BWI) is an independent performance advisor which rates the performance of 1400+ prominent corporate names in the public markets worldwide. The firm also independently rates Investment Banks, Broker Dealer firms and Asset Managers worldwide. Brendan Wood and partners have conducted more than one thousand off sites and management conferences in fifty cities. Originators of the TopGun recognition program, BWI represents TopGun talent and offers placement services to clients seeking game changer executives and professionals

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