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“Replace DuPont CEO and Board,” Says Brendan Wood Shareholder Confidence Poll

May 6th, 2015 by TopGun Press

For Immediate Release
New York, May 6th, 2015
TopGun Press
Brendan Wood International

“Replace DuPont CEO and Board,”

Says Brendan Wood Shareholder Confidence Poll

On the Brendan Wood International Shareholder Confidence Index, which reviews some 1200+ corporate names globally on a real time basis, DuPont fell into activist territory ratings some time ago. As DuPont’s ratings remained at the lower levels on the Shareholder Confidence Index for some time, polling questions were added to Brendan Wood’s standard shareholder debriefs in anticipation of a potential proxy contest.

The polling results have revealed a consistent trend of increasing discomfort with DuPont’s Management and Board and a growing acceptance of Trian Partners’ activism.

Polling results up to May 1st of this year:

  • 75% favor replacing the CEO Ellen Kullman
  • 75% favor replacing Senior Management
  • 68% feel there is a need for a Board shakeup
  • 85% favor Trian’s agenda

“Many companies on the BWI Index underperform their potential but do not attract fatal activism. Shareholders have lost patience with managements which bear any resemblance to what investors may see as fiefdoms. Stakeholders are growingly aware that as owners managements are supposed to be accountable to them. DuPont Management responded under investor pressure but their shareowners report that the response fell short. Stonewalling and anything resembling arrogance or condescension are igniters of shareholder activism nowadays,” said Brendan Wood, Chairman Brendan Wood International.

About Brendan Wood International:

Brendan Wood International (BWI) is an independent performance advisory firm which rates the performance of 1200+ prominent names in the public markets worldwide.

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